It is regretful if lie would be elected


I wish if some one could collect these days' short messages. After determining debates especially after those Mr. Ahmadi Nejad participated in them, all of short messages were related to obvious lying by some one who wants to be Iran's president for next 4 years.  His lies about statistics and persons are too many to mention in webnevesht. Approaching to the election controversies grow so that any voice is not possible to hear. But in this election voice of lie are so loud that every body heard it. Again the only voice which had been heard among controversies was the voice of debates, especially attractive and serene debate between Mr. Mosavi and Mr. Karobi which mentioned most of statistics and statements of president are deceit. When people believe some one is lying, his re-election will be end of ethical values. Although in practice most of the values had been destroyed but such event can be institutionalized in country. Formal lying causes ruling downfall in all over the world. If in our honorable country lying causes to win the election, what will be the judgment of future generations about us. People have decided to make a change but how oppress to Iran and Iranian nation who try to replace decision of people by ways they know it very well.



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