The Last week, critical, dangerous but promising


Yesterday I spent a long time in the streets and among various candidate supporter groups as a stranger. It is a pretty electoral environment. Mosavi's and Ahmadi Nejad's supporters were using their candidates' words to fight each other. Mosavi's fans were telling "I will tell" and Ahmadi Nejad's fans were telling Mosavi's stumbling in his words. Huge numbers of people were going toward Tajrish from Vanak square and were supporting Mr. Karobi. Although most of the crowds are joyful youngsters, it was noticeable that they are sensitive to the country's fate. God grace that their joys would turn to votes. They are requesting various expectations and I wish the winner candidate could be able to meet requests of generation who wants a transform. After debate of Ahmadi Nejad and mosavi, many organized movements in towns and also in Tehran have been started in favor of Ahmadi Nejad. It seems that the last week should be different in compare of previous days. Like last week of previous election, Most of the reformists are frustrated of this new event. I had many visits and phone calls from morning. If supporters of reform don’t be afraid of threats which can reach to its peak in this week, and if they insist on their national tendency, they will be able to destroy efforts of Ahmadi Nejad's powerful supporters to end election in one round at any cost or any price. However it is a difficult week. In recent two days Mr. Karobi's main friends and I had lots of calls, especially by political elites , every body had a suggestion for tonight debate between Mr. Karobi and Ahmadi Nejad especially in the new political situation. Tonight's debate can determine many things. Karobi is reformist and the bitter memory of first debate of president who lost every thing in it would be repeated. I have talked many times with Mr. Karobi from last night. God help him, I believe he can make a historical value for reform tonight.



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