Mosavi and Ahmadi Nejad's debate, night of ethic's death


Last night was one of the Iran's bitter historical political nights. It was night of morality's death. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad had closed his eyes on everything as usual. He was seeing only his adherents and wanted their votes and he didn’t have any religious or ethical limits for himself to achieve his goal. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad was trying to keep his adherents' solidarity even at cost of destroying the entire of 30 year achievements of ruling. Despite of unjust access to the country's facilities, he tried to show he was oppressed in election to announce he is alone and others are opposite of him. Mr. Mosavi could not reply this unethical environment as every body that has little bit of respect or morale can not reply to that. Ahmadi Nejad wanted to use wave of discrimination and poverty and inequality so he accused others who were not present there. also he could keep his fans solidarity. Last night I was in Imam Shrine and I saw the debate accompanying many of country's high ranks. When I was coming back at midnight I saw many of Ahmadi Nejad's fans in Tajrish square who were making cars stopped. They had taken photo of president in their hands and they shout "alarm 88" without regarding that all of the accusation has happened at the time of Imam Khomeini or Ayatollah Khamenei. Television also made an unpleasant experience in the memories. Speaker who had mentioned more than ten times in previous debate that not to talk about who is not present, in mosavi and Ahmadi Nejad's debate, was only a chronometer and whenever Ahmadi Nejad was accusing absent persons, he was nodding his head only. Every body expects s Karobi can do something in his debate. Many people from various levels talked with me from last night. I think Mr. Karobi is making ready himself. Today some of friends and I visited Mr. Karobi. Fortunately he watched debate in airport when he was coming back from Gilan. He was upset. He told in his meetings both fans of Ahmadi Nejad and fans of Mosavi interrupted his programs. Many times they hang green clothes on his neck also they requested him to reject in favor of mosavi. Even so many are demonstrating in front of his house and say slogans to make him reject his nomination. Meanwhile with position we saw from Mr. Ahmadi Nejad last night, rejection by Mr. Karobi or Mosavi can be the best assistance to him. However, last night was recorded as a bitter and unethical night in Iran. We wish election makes a change. In current situation we should be careful about competitor more than ever. In war between moral and immorality of course elite vote to moral but it is not obvious that common people interpret his unethical words as immorality. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's behavior was similar to Palizdar. Will people face him similar to Palizdar?



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