Why is Karobi as a cleric better choice?


Perhaps a large number of voters prefer not to vote to Karobi because he is a cleric even without saying anything about it. I am a cleric too but my resume and views have shown that my opinions have not been related to my occupation. Perhaps you surprise but I think it is necessary to explain that in current situation being cleric can be a positive point for Mr. Karobi's election. Some of my reasons are: firstly, cleric presidents have had better experiences in country's management. The first cleric president was ayatollah Khamenei who had special situation because he had prime minister in his government. Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani and Khatami both were cleric presidents who were successful in country's management. None of them allowed to develop bigotry and returning to past thoughts in the name of religion. Its main reason was that they knew clerics characteristic really so they didn’t worry about opposition in front of religious bigotry. Also clerics didn’t let to themselves to defend from their bigotry opinions so that their efforts didn’t carry to the society. Also cleric presidents were supporting developed religious opinions and they were careful not to damage to the social life in the name of religion. But in the term of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad, who was not a cleric and he had title of engineer, we saw more than the other terms bigotry in the name of religion in society. Also religious theorists who support regressive beliefs found way also president tried to use the religious titles and mottos even superstitions more than the others. He exaggerated in showing religion as much as lots of traditional clerics reacted to him. In current situation while pretending to be religious has opened its way in executive body of country, now Mr. Karobi as a cleric can be more effective than the others in the country which is full of religious bigotry, with correct interaction with powerful flow of clerics in country in addition to keep their respect to use modern religious movements that Imam Khomeini established for the first time to prevent bigotry in country. Another point is that a president should solve people's living problems. We would like or not in our constitution some of the powerful parts of country are in the control of clerics. The first powerful character is leader of revolution is a cleric. Chairman of Judiciary system is a cleric who should elect among clerics. The powerful guardian council constitutes from clerics according to our constitutional law. Upper parliament is made by many clerics. Also we know many non- cleric characters in parliament and other power poles who have been more traditional thoughts in compare to traditional clerics. These are facts of our country. I repeat again that it is possible we don’t like it but we can not close eye on the realities. In this situation Mr Karobi who is a cleric and have a long origin in cleric field can help to solve the problems of country by this fact and preventing from development bigotry. Solving problems of religious and racial minorities facing traditional clerics' thoughts is an act which is not possible by any non cleric person. If this characteristic adds to Karobi's famous bravery, situation changes better to solve problems. His brave manners history in front of powerful clerics and his bold statements regarding their opinions which caused they changed their minds, is the best reason to elect a brave cleric in this situation with his effective companions . this is one of the most important reason to elect Karobi for this year president. He can solve problem of people who have so many problems and this is whatever is expected from president.



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