Vote to belief or vote to someone who has more votes


These days I have heard so many people say that they would like to vote Karobi but they will vote to Mosavi because his votes are more. I am not opposite of voting Mr. Mosavi.  Anybody who prefers his opinions among reformists should select his/ her candidate based upon view. But according to some reasons that I don’t like to mention here, there is not obvious that whose vote will be more than the other. As nearly everybody believes that election will go to the second round. Generally boycott of election would be in favor of Ahmadi Nejad and would damage reformists. But voting to someone who would probably have fewer votes but is more defendable in his opinions, again helps reformist's success and getting to the second round of election. In addition you can defend of your selection as an objective human.  It is a political chicanery when someone says to prefer Karobi's opinion but will vote to Mosavi because he has more votes, or vice versa.  You should vote to any one of reformists you prefer his views, however you help to stretch election to the second round and it can support reform movement. A large number of people don’t know this fact and ask and I explain for them but many others know it and they would like to misuse it for their favorite candidate's victory. We should be realistic and we should vote to someone that we can defend his positions in future. There is no difference in helping to the reformists any of candidates will you vote. At last addition votes of both candidates can bring Ahmadi Nejad to the second round. Someone, who votes only because a candidate has more votes, just gives one vote but someone who votes to candidate, whom accepts,   helps development of an opinion and gives his vote too. Naturally all of us in second round will give our vote to the reformist candidate who has reached to second round.


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