Women demands in the election


Yesterday evening Mr. Karobi and I went to a studio to watch a movie made by Ms. Rakhshan Bani Etemad about women demands. She intends to show the movie to the presidential candidates to know their opinions. It was a pretty film. Various active women in the society told their points of view. In this movie female political activists gathered and offered their opinions from various groups including fundamentalist, reformist, secular, and traditional. It was a great step for women society as this maturity is not still seen among men groups. They offered list of women demands. Mr. Rezaii had gone accompanying his wife and it was supposed that Mr. Mosavi would come with his wife after Mr. Karobi. Ms Kadivar, Mr. Karobi's councilor was not present and his wife was in travel so he asked me to company him. I accepted to emphasize women affairs are not related only to women. Men should follow women affairs to have better society in Iran. Main part of their requests dedicated to the economical problems of women, condition of alone women, economical independence of women, legal discussions, and incorporation to the women convention also presence of women in the high rank executive posts. At first I pointed that in coming election women's demands have been so large and important. I believe efforts they have done in recent years, and huge sufferings they have experienced also withstanding they have shown are its reason. Another reason for development of women movement can be the patriarchic views in government. Some of the other factors which has been resulted to the unpleasant current situation for women in society include sexual limits in university courses, insult to women in public by excuse of their guidance, lack of confidence to their capabilities in management fields and unreasonable religious stresses which are related to the ossified religious beliefs. In the round table I asked from Mr. Karobi to consider women demands which have been collected in this movie by Ms. Bani Etemad as a base of his plans in his four years presidency instead of starting to study women's problems to plan for it. Mr. Karobi made good commitments in the interview but I don’t point them because it's in copyright of Ms. Bani Etemad. Baran Kosari, famous artist, insisted on Mr. Karobi didn’t leave there till Mr. Mosavi's coming to take a photo by him but time didn’t let to do so. It could be a good movement but it was not possible. Mohammad Beheshti, companion of Mr. Mosavi had come earlier so we talked about co ordination of both committees.



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