Electoral web sites


Last presidential election was war of web sites. I think web sites are less active than previous time but again the most active field about candidates news is virtual and cyber environment, except Mr. Ahmadi Nejad who has complete access to the television and radio. Mr. Mohsen Rezaii has one of the most famous news web sites: Tabnak is a well-known name among News web sites. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad doesn’t have any web site directly but Raja News and Kalameh News, Emtedad Mehr and public support network are web sites which support him. Official web site of Kalameh belongs to Mr. Mosavi and Ghalam news is web site of his committee.   Phone number 8393 has been dedicated to contact with Mir Hussein mosavi and Mowj4 is web radio and television which his committee has been innovated. Mr. Karobi's supporters have made so many network facilities. Saham News is a news web site. Triboon, Mahdi Karobi's supporter's campaign, voice of women, Mashroote news, Nakhostin, taghiir and mabidarim web site, also his personal web site are supporting him. In the face book also the page of we are awake are page of Mr. Karobi's supporters. Its name points to his sleep in previous election. Mr. Karobi's fans have an innovation in the virtual environment which is a web site named photo land which is a photography competition about street children and potatoes and anyone can send photo to it. There is an extraordinary excitement. They blocked face book exactly because of that and fortunately it reopened because public opinion assumed it an anti- electoral behavior. It is good that it reopened and it is good because election is approaching and it will be good if some one will be elected in election that won't block face book and the other similar sites. Save address of electoral websites until election and check them regularly and read them. It is the term of politic and it is necessity to know any opinion.



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