Disaster of Zahedan explosion , Sunnis and Shiite problems in Iran


Last night the news of explosion in a mosque in Zahedan was painful news approaching to the critical election in our country, which caused a large number of people wounded and dead. There is no doubt because of special situation of sistan and baloochestan which is neighbor of Pakistan and there are Shiite and Sunnis both living in it , it is obvious that such events has been caused by increasing violence between Sunnis and Shiite even if any official report were not published. Unfortunately in recent years religious subjects has been used for political affairs and religious and tribal minorities consider as threats also Shiite power has become a new international event in Iraq and Lebanon and all of them have made an opportunity for regional powers especially some of Arabs countries who use social pressures and support terrorists groups in sistan and baloochestan to gain benefit from damaged religious faiths and make so many violent disasters in the region. Fortunately Sunnis' leaders have convicted such methods by their smart minds. Most of Shiite leaders also know that disputes between Shiite and Sunnis in Iran are really dangerous for people. Unfortunately in addition to the growth of Vahabi terrorists, in recent years an extremist anti- sunny movement has been grown inside of Shiite. Informal reports say that even after the revolution leader's lectures in Kurdistan and letting to play sunny azan from speakers of local radio, caused huge opposition in Ghom. Such Shiite supporters has made new and unknown relationship with Sunnis Vahabis who are unintended tool for global and regional politics which result to the criminal action which some of our compatriots were victims of it last night.  Agreement on the rights of minorities and opening new chapters for their association and prevention from bias and insulting to both holy beliefs especially in media and under support of governments, is the only way which can turned the armed people of Sunnis and Shiite to fight with religious terrorists . Leaders of country should make more important serious decision to find a new way to about new life with respect both of them to prevent people would be victims of such beliefs. We are sympathizing with families of dead in plane and we hope it would be the last religious criminal In Iran.



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