Travel to Rasht and electoral lectures


Today I went to the Quran museum. My dear friend, Mr. Ahmad Masjed Jameeii holds a meeting in the occasion of Zahra's Martyrdom every year and invites artists and Mr. Khatami. Mr. Khatami had a pretty lecture about Zahra. Seraj, good singer of our country, presented a sorrowful song. Yesterday I was in Rasht to speech in the committee of Mr. Karobi. I had an interview with journalists and a public lecture. I was talking with Mr. Tavasoli on the route as he was going to Rasht to have speech in supporting Mr. Mosavi. He said: freedom movement has supported reformist candidates in general. I replied seriously joking: freedom movement should support Mr. Karobi because of emotional and political reasons. He said in brief that they acted cautiously. I replied: probably the others have learned from you who are oldest political organization so they acted cautiously when you faced with problem so they didn’t support freedom movement or supported it ambiguously. During the public meeting in Rasht firstly I reminded Zahra's martyrdom and departure of ayatollah bahjat as a cleric from Gilan land, and then I spoke about necessity of change also about trying to prevent of competitor's victory in first round by presence of various candidates. Yesterday morning before leaving Tehran I went to Great Prophet University in shahrak gharb and I had a small lecture there for students. In Rasht meeting I advised usual suggestion that we didn’t let any difference or destroying inside of reform front. Some ones said it was so good if both would be kind. In part of question and answer except some serious discussions, few supporters of government spoke about good foreign policy in recent 4 years. They reasoned to Nahj- ol- balaghe. I replied that foreign policy of a government can't be related to the holy books like Nahj ol balaghe. One of Mr. Mosavi's friends, who had a green band and talked respectfully, was trying to search about reasons I didn’t support Mr. Mosavi. I replied: in current situation I don’t criticize Mr Mosavi and I don’t speak about whatever you insist. I just explained my reasons to support Mr. Karobi. There is good electoral excitement in towns. It is really hopeful.   a large number of Mr. Karobi's fans and youngsters who participated in the meeting, insisted on reform basis and they were really motivated. The round flight was cancelled so I had to come back by automobile.



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