Fundamentalists are in the line of Ahmadi Nejad's supporters


I went to the office of Mr. Khatami today early morning. He had come from Saudi Arabia the day before .  it is tradition to go for visit of who came from Mecca. He was welcomed among participants in the conference. Also he has had a private and long visit with king of Saudi Arabia Malek Abdullah. None state characters who are respected in all around the world are an invaluable possession for nation. I remembered to say "I wish God accept" at the time of greeting. God blessed Mr. Mahmud Salehi who was a cute lecturer in Tehran. Once he told that he forgot suitable sentence at the time of visiting Hajji and whatever he tried he didn’t remember so he had told "I wish you would be healthy". We talked about election and current situation. When I came out of his office I saw many girls with green clothes. They were supporters of Mr. Mosavi. We talked a lot. As usual they insisted on Mr. Karobi's rejection. Although Mr. Karobi was announced his nomination before Mr. Mosavi, I don’t know why no body says the sentence vise versa. I told them presence of both is essential. I think most of them accepted. We decided to negotiate more. The most important factor is taking election environment into the society.  Sending Email or short message to each other in our closed environment can not solve the problem. It is interesting as anybody who is frustrated about country's future is trying to make a change. It is a fact that fundamentalists know it too but they support Ahmadi Nejad by not announcing another candidate. But history and memory of society wont forget that fundamentalists' criticism from Ahmadi Nejad was not real and society knows them as co workers of Ahmadi Nejad.



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