By more presence in election we can take out the wrapped gift of Ahmadi Nejad's hands


Yesterday guardian council and interior ministry announced formally names of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad, Mohsen Rezaii, Karobi and Mir Hussein Mosavi as presidential candidates. So Iran's election entered into its most serious stage. Regretfully there was not name of Mr. Aalami as a brave political Iranian character among them but it was predicted only 4 above candidates would be announced. One of the most important historical times for Iran's nation has started from today till day of election. All of us have a historical responsibility because of Iran and people who live in it who should tolerate various problems and because of Iranian reputable name all around the world. We should try to encourage people to participate more in election. The only way to make a change in current situation is greater participation in election. Any kind of boycott or rejection is the best gift to present to current president. Although president is a candidate from today, he doesn’t want to meet ethical principles and ignoring his state facilities to promotion. Any body who knows social affairs or aware of surveys, know that the number of voters to Ahmadi Nejad has been finished and it wont be increased more. Participation of the others can make a change. Any body who doesn’t like many things or doesn’t want to support ruling in Iran should note that in this election there is future of Iran and nation is based upon presence in election neither support the ruling. Last night I had a comprehensive interview in the al- Arabia television about election. also I was following the other news networks. All of them have some news about Iran's election because of announcing the name of 4 candidates. Unfortunately most of them had false information about high probability of Ahmadi Nejad's victory in this election. I explained that the false information comes from inside of Iran. I believe that if people have a historical presence in election any of other candidates can change the situation at least in second round of election. All of us have a historical responsibility in this step and we should attract more voters in the election by showing capabilities of the other candidates to the people.



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