Election and using religion as usual


I have written previously that my cell phone number is among contacts of some of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's adherents. Although they access great media like television and radio and state newspapers, they also are using short messages too and whenever they send to all their messages, I receive them too. They are really funny. Most of them are great deceits and they try to prove Ahmadi Nejad's government is the most successful government in the history. Most of them are advertising poems or sentences. I have kept them all. In the poems and sentences they insist to prove that God is satisfied by Ahmadi Nejad presidency and his opponents are opponents of God and Imam. Such abusing of religion has turned to a current style. We have seen its negative effects on religion and people's beliefs however it seems it is too delicious and they prefer damaging religion and society's beliefs but they win the election. one of these poems says: right front wins by grace of Imam Ali/ right front wins day by day/ we are fans of Ahmadi Nejad and of course enemies don’t like our opinion… the other one says : vote of Mahdi's lovers : again Ahmadi Nejad. And another one: we want Ahmadi Nejad. Why? As we want Malek ashtar kind friend of Imam Ali. In the previous elections we were witness of the same kind using of religion but it seems it has turned to a continual tradition for Ahmadi Nejad's fans. These days we have seen abuses by the name of religion, God and prophet. Nothing makes nation to be far from religion as   its using to get temporary political objectives. Society can not forget the story of seventh parliament. There had been said after the election of seventh parliament that Imam Mahdi has signed the list of names of parliament's members. Guardian council rejected a number of them by political or none political reasons at the end of seventh parliament. Unfortunately we as reformists are doing the unpleasant behavior too. Green color is a pretty sign but it won't be right when Mr. Mosavi says it shows he connects to the holy imams. It is not expected from reformists who always have opposed of using religion for temporary political objectives. Such styles are similar to fans of Ahmadi Nejad's manners and it is better to leave it for them. In election some one will be elected and he can be good or bad for country. Election doesn’t have any relation to the God's anger or satisfaction. Let's try to focus on finding some one who is better for country to select him.



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