They smell your hands to know whether you have clicked Facebook


Shamloo, the great Iranian poet, says in his famous poem: they smell your mouth to know whether you have said I love you. Now they smell your hand to know whether you have clicked Facebook. Yesterday I was going toward Tabriz airport to have an electoral lecture there. I received more than ten text messages about filtering of Facebook in Iran.  I felt really sorry. Facebook is the biggest social network around the world that everybody had been in it to talk and send messages. Iranian youngsters, who are pioneer in ethical using of virtual world, had a great participation in this network.  Approached to the presidential election, lack of suitable media, they were using this opportunity to advertise 4 remained candidates to encourage more people to participate in the election. Every body was in it. They realized the media can help to change management of country but late. Any government, who wants to increase number of voters in the election to show the world its nation has the highest presence in election, opens the ways of civil advertisement. But it seems president's adherents ordered to filter the site because they are horrified by presence of people. It was a great opportunity for anybody who was interested to have a role in the country's destiny. The best users of Facebook were Iranian users. Even who hates from politic had an ethical behavior in Facebook and had their healthiest leisure time. They would like only their voice would be heard. Any other voice is intolerable for them. Yesterday I wrote my last note on Facebook and appreciated more than 3000 friends that I had found in it in recent months. I wish administrators and even presidential candidates were realizing how horrible clump is filtering Facebook for young generation who lost the lovely opportunity. It was painful news for youngsters and educated generation of Iran. Where will we go really?



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