It is heard the sound of competitor's guffaw


Unfortunately instead of being aware of competitor, in recent days there have been happened scattered disputes inside electoral environment of reform front. I don’t want to point them again because talking about them can intensify the situation which is made by competitor. In fact, in current situation we need an active and powerful presence by  both reformist candidates. Competitor of reform has started serious effort to use any of lawful and unlawful facilities to send Mr. Ahmadi Nejad in the first round to the presidential office. Practically Mr. Ahmadi Nejad will be able to obtain 50 percent of votes in first round easier because voters of any of reformist candidates don’t give their vote to the other reformist if their favorite candidate rejects presence in the election. In this historical situation undoubtedly whatever makes disputes in the reform front, is something that meets goals of competitor. I have talked with many impressive persons in electoral campaign of Karobi and Mosavi. Nearly all of them believe that in current situation- not because of people votes or motivation – but because of pressures by president supporters and their state power also because of lack in decision making, it is predicted that Mr. Ahmadi Nejad and one of reformist candidates enter in the second round of election. Victory of reformists is a really easy procedure in second round. Because of that any of candidates with any number of votes can make harder the victory of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad in first round of election. All of reformists and anybody who want change in the country should advertise for his/ her favorite candidate and prevents from any kind of ruining in the reform front to make a double-round election so every body can support comprehensively from reformist candidate in second round. We should practice by looking at the action of reform leaders especially Mr. Mosavi and Mr. Karobi or Mr. Khatami with his great acceptance in society who advises prevention of destroying in society. There is no doubt that even if the competitors have not designed these disputes inside reform, certainly we can hear sound of their guffaw because such disputes are the way of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's victory in the first round. Neither rejection of one of reformist candidates in favor of the other, nor destroying the front can help to the victory of reformists. I hope we would be so mature that not to be an unconscious tool for competitors and we would be able to accomplish the historical change because of Iran , our next generation and also because of ourselves.



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