Roxana's release, human dignity and political disputes


I heard the news about Roxana's release from one of news agencies. It made me happy. I would like to say congratulation to her and her family. I interviewed with her two times before but I didn’t have her phone number. I didn’t suppose that this young and frank girl changed to a famous international character regarding to our judiciary system, Obama and Iran's election.  Roxana's story was one of painful also regretful events from Islamic republic of Iran. It was announced various crimes for her respect to global and internal affairs, from trade of alcoholic beverage to interview without license and spying. It was not a good approach for judiciary system. It doesn’t make any confidence for this system which should be a source of confidence in the society also it damages the respect of judgment. Basically it is the most immoral approach that souls and freedom of people would trade in political events and international affairs. If political events wont be effective on human's dignity and judgment, we can claim that we respect them. In the story of Roxana Saberi, global interpretation and public opinion inside of country believed that a human named Roxana was traded. Some one, who was convicted to 8 years in prison, today was released and she should go out of country as soon as possible. Several years ago we experienced the same story about British marines. They were introduced as aggressors once morning but another evening they hugged president and they were said farewell with full kindness. Iran's people suffer from foreigners so much. Also many people have been convicted because they are fans of foreigners and they have been accused as they are afraid of foreigners. The worst style for lack of independence in country is that the fate of judiciary system will be impressed by trade with foreigners. Roxana release was a good doing but entering judiciary system in the route of political trades is a big sign of fear and lack of independence. Probably they interpret such subject as Iran's huge power. Such various scales cause to decrease sensitivity to the foreigners meddling as less as possible. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad is the president of government and he requests from dependent judiciary system before his travel to the Geneva for participation in a conference about campaign against racial discrimination to review in her file. Judiciary system accepts his request. It was the beginning of political trade about soul and freedom of a human. In the continue they announced she convicted to 8 years in prison accused to spying and USA president opposed seriously with it, then foreign minister of Japan came to Iran and at the end she was released. If Iran's internal affair especially election would be effective in this trade , it can induce to the world that Iran's next president is some one who trades anything , so it will be a huge disaster. In addition to the event it is painful and humiliating too  if some one can save from crimes only because of having foreigner passport and supporting by foreign governments but what about the arrested students or women or labors who have only Iranian Id card.  Another surprising subject in the file of Ms Saberi and before that the story of Ms Haleh Esfandiari , was their admission to leave the country despite of their conviction… it was a funny considerable matter…!



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