Presence of various candidates, prevention from the plot of Ahmadi Nejad victory in first round


 With many efforts which is accomplishing to elect Mr. Ahmadi Nejad in first round we should try to invite anyone we know to participate in election. We have to ask from Mr. Karobi, Mosavi and even Mohsen Rezaii to remain till end to destroy the hope of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad to obtain more than 50 percent in the first round.  Especially in current situation when Mr. Karobi and mosavi don’t try to help each other and different people are trying to talk with adherents of change and we have not been able to have candidate like Mr. Khatami who can get sound of change to the body of society. Second round of election is too bitter for Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's fans and it is too comfortable for any reformist candidate who has got to the second round. It seems that rejection of any of candidates can't cause votes of the other candidates increased but it can decrease the number of participants in the election so it cause to elect Mr. ahamadi Nejad more easily. It is correct that mr ahamdi Nejad can not get 50 percent of votes with any view to any of groups and any calculation but we should remember that Ms. Fateme Rajabi has called him miracle of third millennium. It is possible to happen a miracle and so it makes possible any impossible. We have the power to cancel the miracle. The only solution is that participate with high number to destroy the plot in first round. It is our national duty to invite every body to the election without regarding whom fans we are.



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