Accompanying Mr. Karobi to register in election


Today was the day to be registered reformists. Today morning Mr. karbaschi, Ms kadivar , Mr. abbas abdi and I accompanied Mr. Karobi to register.  We accompanied him to announce once again we have important and considerable reasons for selection Karobi as reformist candidate in current situation. His electoral films director insisted his wife accompanied him too. Regarding she has been an independent character and has done her social activities independently; her companionship for registering was not good manner. He didn’t do whatever his director had said. Ms kadivar and I went with Mr. Karobi's automobile. Mr. Karobi talked about his good support by towns. In previous election he was criticized why he didn’t let others know rate of his votes. And politicians said like this time that he doesn’t have vote. But result was various. Today's newspaper had been put in his car. We were looking at headlines. In the national confidence news paper it was written quoting by Ahmadi Nejad that he doesn’t have any electoral committee. I made joking with Mr. Karobi that you can say in your interviews that we wish we TV and radio and government would be ours so we wouldn’t need any committees. Mr. Karobi was so sensitive to the headline the speech of guard army's manager who divide basij to military and non military. It was obvious that he wanted to take position about that. After registration he talked about the matter in his interview and warned guards and guardian council to prevent from meddling in the election. Journalist of jaam e jam news paper supposed he insulted to the guards by his words. When he took his turn to speak, he protested to Mr. Karobi. 4 or 5 persons who were sitting in various places of hall clapped for him and Mr. Karobi answered smartly that it is good to clap for him but it is obvious that you are 4 – 5 persons. Don’t assume every body clapped for him. Then entire of the participants clapped for Mr. Karobi. You can read Karobi's interview here. When we were coming out with Mr. Karobi, Mr. Mosavi wanted to come for registering. Many people were standing in front of internal affair ministry holding big photos of Mr. Mosavi and Mr. Khatami. God grace the result of election can change the current situation in the country.



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