Women movement and the necessity of boycott in the view of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's fans


Yesterday I visited some of women movement activists who were members of one million signature campaign too.  They emphasized they are not representative and their group don’t have any manager at all. From 13 participants 10 of them weren’t women. They were men who believed it is needed to do something for women rights. It was an interesting and important point. In recent years there have done so many efforts to meet women rights which are really appreciable. Defenders of their rights have tolerated so many sufferings and they have persisted. They would like to visit me because I am advisor of Mr. Karobi so naturally we talked about election. They had considerable opinions and statements. I took many advantages from their views. They discussed logically and seriously. They were upset and angry from recent arresting of women activists in Mayday. They didn’t say anything about boycott but I had heard before that some of groups want to boycott election because of arrests. Perhaps it would be a natural result of their feeling. This subject turned to the main topic of our discussion. I explained that adherents of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad are interested in boycott of election and less people participate in it so he will be elected again with his conventional votes. Because they know that votes of people like women activists or any other group which is thinking to the boycott, wont be in favor of them definitely so it is far better if they don’t participate in the election.  Mr. Ahmadi Nejad got the best electoral gift from who didn’t participate in election and caused that he would be elected by a little number of votes. I explained that with such analysis the constraints and other similar doings can be a part of their plan to make nervous public opinion to boycott the election so that they will be able to get their favorite result. We live in our country and most of the future of our country in next 4 years is in hands of some one will be elected. I told it to show that some of their requests are not in hands of president but if a reformist candidate will be elected, coming environment will the only way that can get civil activists to their objectives. Civil movements like students or women movements will be important if they stay non- governmental. The natural request from governments is that to make open the road for their civil and lawful activities, something that we didn’t have in recent years. The most important result of boycott and electing a president, who doesn’t have civil behaviors, will be deprivation of society from its natural rights. We need a comprehensive movement for Iran's future in these days to invite every body to participate in the election to enliven real place of Iran's nation humanistic dignity. They told they don’t like violence but always others were violent with them. They were frustrated about fate of arrested activists. The only thing I could do for them was hearing their anxieties as I didn’t have any fault in the matter.



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