The opportunity of Obama's New Year message


Yesterday the news of US president, Obama's visual message stated to Iran's nation and leaders of Islamic republic of Iran, turned to the first news of world. The cause of difference and importance of the message was the different content of it, announcement for ending hostility between two countries, concerning to the rich culture of Iran's nation, using the title of Islamic republic of Iran, also congratulation to the Iran's nation and leaders. Undoubtedly it is a historical opportunity. We can not ignore the importance of USA for Iran's current situation. Undoubtedly we can not ignore trace of US leaders in all of Iran's dossiers also at least in economical aspect by embargos which have imposed to Iran's nation. Sending message for congratulation can be the most important political, economical and historical opportunity, today and after changing American government. Also ignoring that can make a situation for us more dangerous than Bush's term because Obama can mobilize political leaders and public opinion against Iran. If a country gains benefits from opportunities to obtain rights of the nation, it won't be fear or desisting. New Year can be an important and determining year for Iran because of Iran's election  and global situation. God grace it would be a good year.



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