Thirty years ago and victory of Islamic revolution


Tomorrow will be the thirtieth year of victory of Islamic revolution. We are the generation who achieved this revolution. Although any generation has the right to determine its fate and today's generation has this right too and even who made the revolution and most of today's generation has different wills in comparison of revolutionists in 30 years ago but these are not good reasons that our generation doesn’t defend from its revolution and or would be regretful.

1- Thirty years ago our revolution overthrew a regime which its dictator administrator imposed an incomparable strangulation in Iran. So the scent of freedom was a dynamic hope which went everywhere and invited any one to the revolution. As a result the most attractive slogan was the "freedom". From the other side those days was the peak of cold war in the world. USA and Soviet Union were in the hardest encountering with each other. Iran placed in the most critical geopolitical spot of the world and it was the main barrier in front of Soviet Union to prevent its access to the Persian Gulf which was supplier of energy in the world. So because Iran placed in the camp of USA, high number of foreigners came to Iran. Leader of Iran was so weak because of personal and historical reasons so that he consulted about smallest internal affairs with foreigners and especially with Americans. In Iran's history any movement has encountered with people's faith and religion or has ignored general religion and culture of Iran, has failed without any success. Also it is important that leadership of religious and political revolution who had powerful and unique religious and political dignity. Imam Khomeini was an undeniable religious authority also he was one of the old characters in the fights of Iran's nation. Also he had a firm and irreconcilable who could resist till end to win in front of regime. In addition he had effective and ready establishments in the religious centers and mosques and clerics of country so that he could convey his views to the both rural and civil societies.  

2- In those days revolutionary was seen as a global value which was deviated from power of communist. In Iran we had active communist fractions too even religious movements like people fighters organization who had started armed fight against Shah Regime, decided to tend their ideology toward communistic views. By victory of Islamic republic even in condition that leader of revolution was Imam Khomeini and it was totally Islamic and gained the victory accompanying the incredible slogan of "flower against bullet" without any violence and it didn’t have any relation with common revolutions of the world but leftist slogans entered in it. Most of clerics attracted to the violent leftist slogans to be through the revolutionary movement and they changed their path after victory of revolution. Roots of those thoughts also exist in today. But it is not deniable that in today world after collapse of Soviet Union being revolutionary is not a comprehensive value anymore. And this is a point that today generation should pay attention to for analyzing those days history.

3- Most of the events that happened and are happening in the country's administration can be acceptable or inacceptable for revolution generation and it is possible that current generation have different wills because of passing 30 years and new achievements in the world in the 30 years and communication will be the most important of them, but we should not forget that events should be reviewed in its exact time. Our generation is proud to their revolution which had happened 30 years ago and nothing can deny past events. If today's generation denies their predecessors of course future generation will deny them too and such chain will be continued for all generations. Also our generation should not be ignoring wills of next generation.



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