Mr. Khatami announced his nomination formally


Today Mr. Khatami announced his nomination in the convention of fighter clerics and among internal and foreign journalists. Reformists had supposed the ten days of victory of revolution as time of announcement and Mr. Khatami met his promise despite of all problems he will encounter later. Undoubtedly with 2 poles in this presidency election we will have an attractive and enthusiastic election this term which consists of Mr. Khatami in one side and Mr. Ahmadi Nejad on the other side which will be held in the most important historical condition of Iran and world. Naturally Mr. Khatami has been nominated to win in the election and regarding to the public opinion for changing current situation, it won't be so difficult. Concerning to   it is the first serious competition with president in the election   and the entire of facilities are in his hands and despite of all early attacks to ruin the competitors , various powers  specially the young generation who think to improve the life condition will  guarantee  wining Mr. Khatami by their positive behaviors in front of other negative efforts. It is an expectation the Cooperation among main and effective powers especially the best of them to integrate the reform which if doesn’t meet , they won't have any respond in front of history of Iran's future. The Election Day will be a critical day for Iran's nation. You can hear Mr. Khatami's lecture among journalists here.



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