Gaza and internal and factional affairs


One of the ministers of economy in Mr. Khatami's government which has more connection with fundamentalists than reformists explained once he participated in formal demonstration in support of Gaza. When extremists of government advocates saw him, they started to say slogans against Mr. Khatami and his government instead of Israel. He recommended to all of his previous colleagues not going to such ceremonies or at least not going lonely. The same day it was written in the National Confidence daily about insulting Mr. Karobi in the same demonstration. It was written that participants in demonstration asked lots of question about the reason of criticizing government and Mr. Ahmadi Nejad in the National Confident daily.  Making events like demonstration against Israel -which lots of people come to participate in- to the political club of small numbers who try to keep events for themselves because of their benefits, will destroy the events factually.  In deed they cause that Iran which pays a huge expense for political and economical support of Palestine, is introduced as a country which doesn’t have demonstration about Gaza crimes. And they try to do something that any one from faction of Khatami or Karobi doesn’t participate in formal demonstrations. In the day that Kargozaran daily was arrested because of statement of strengthening unity office about Gaza events, I visited some of staffs in daily and the party. All of them believed that publishing the statement was a mistake and they were ready to compromise their fault but they didn’t know that Gaza is one of the red lines which passing of it cause to arrest dailies. All of them agreed that Gaza was a good pretext to arrest one of reformists daily in the situation we are approaching to the election. In all over the world people don’t know that in Iran we have some persons who use from any condition for their benefits. News of arresting Kargozaran daily and cancelling the strengthening unity office because of Gaza affairs induced such message that a huge number are opposite of supporting Gaza's people. Of course such message is in favor of government not in favor of Gaza. Unfortunately some ones prefer their political interest to any other thing and no one accuses them to serve Israel. Israel crimes against Gaza oppressed people have made hearts of people around the world painful.



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