Relation between religion or religious leaders with human rights


Today is the global Day of Human Rights. Attention to the human rights is the great achievement of humanity. Various divine religions should be pacemakers of defending the right of God’s creatures, because all men and women are created by God. When global human right declaration was approved in United Nations, otherwise there had not established any religious or Islamic government , many books in Islam’s world and also in Iran and Shiite schools were published that referred to the Islam’s attention to these values before global declaration of human rights. It was an honor for the professing that in such general environment they could defend of human rights also it resulted to the more coexistence of humans and religions. Just like the route of Iran’s revolution victory when emphasis on human right in Islamic future ruling and disclosing anti human right approaches in Pahlavi regime had a major role in attracting people toward revolution. Also in the reform terms , conversation about human right in government and sixth parliament caused people and government and religion got closer together of course it caused  critiques by fundamentalists and conservatives . Unfortunately in recent years, inside of country, pointing to the human rights literature seems as a fault and instead of that, literature of correction of the entire world affairs has been replaced just like they are waiting for us. it is not deniable that nearly in any parts of the world , governments get used to talk about human rights till it get along with their benefits and whenever human rights would be opposite to their interests, they close their eyes to the wasted rights or using of human right as a political tool but if humans believe that faith of religion and God is incompatible with natural human right , it causes an irretrievable damage to the religion and theism so that  religion-phobia prevails to the religion-philia. Even if others won’t be serious in respecting to the human rights, religious leaders have to do it because they should develop divinity soul in society. Unfortunately such belief is not existed in general opinion of the world and more regretful is that some ones try by the name of religion for theorizing violence against human.

In the global day of human rights, we should appreciate memory of victims of wasted rights all around the world and also should praise all defenders of human rights.



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