On the Conditions Set by Mr. Khatami for Candidacy


The news released yesterday about the conditions set by Mr. Khatami for candidacy have faced different reactions. The summary of the two conditions can be stated as "reaching agreement with people" and "the possibility of implementing the plans" in case of being selected. Some considered this as the main sign for accepting candidacy and others analyzed them as the rational ways for rejecting candidacy. The media supporting the government which are surely aware of the results of polls conducted and the exact number of votes in favour of Mr. Khatami felt clumsy and produced a lot of news in opposition of the statements of Mr. Khatami. In my opinion, these statements are neither sign of acceptance nor rejection of candidacy. Its most important message was that Mr. Khatami considers people and presidency very serious in the present situation and he does not want to become president by ignoring people and their roles or chanting slogans that he cannot put into practice after becoming president. These points have existed in the literature used by Khatami in the 8 years he was president and the three years and half after presidency. This indicates that he never ignored people and does not consider their votes as decorative. He does not want to become president without reaching agreement with people and does not want power for the sake of power. He cannot forget this viewpoint which is established in him in no situation. This emphasis on graceful attitude toward people is an important value which is necessary for our humiliated society. This is valuable and should be appreciated no matter Mr. Khatami becomes candidate or not. Many of our today's problems is rooted in the point that some people are prepared to get the vote of people in anyway possible and they forget their slogans and people from the date of victory. This fact has caused that a great professor like Malekian which considers ethics as the criterion for values, away from political challenges and only considering the, invite Mr. Khatami to become candidate.



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