Ms. Shirin Ebadi and the Threats
Ms. Shirin Ebadi has written a letter to police stating that she is threatened to death. Fortunately the president has emphasized on the need for her security in a letter. Some years ago, at the time of Mr. Khatami, also a court had summoned her for her speeches. In both cases, the news was spread throughout the world quickly. Ms. Ebadi is an international figure who due to her character has passed the time after her getting the Nobel Peace prize calmly and respectfully. Last time when she was summoned to the court and a wave started in the world, judiciary itself stopped the case. Mr. Khatami wrote a letter to the Chief of Judiciary and Ayatollah Shahroudi in a letter asked for reprimanding the person who had summoned her. It is very easy to find the source of such behavior that the Chief of Judiciary and Khatami have expressed their concern over that. Getting along with such people probably because they are supporters of the regime, has greater damages for the reputation of the country. The regime does not need enemies by the time such people exist.


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