Challenging interview with Al-Jazirah


Last night I had a challenging and comprehensive interview with Al-Jazirah TV in the one-hour program of Hawar Maftooh. Mr Ali Asghar Mohammadi, managing director of Foreign Ministry who is a supporter of Mr. Ahmadi Neajd and Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Hosseini, an Arab writer, were also the participants. I explained about the election. Mr. Asghar Mohammadi had focused on the support that Bush made of reformists and considered that as the main reason people have left reformists. I also said that Bush knows well about the sensitivity of people against himself and this support, made before election, was for sure a means of helping conservatives. He believed that people have fully put the reformists behind. He considered the result of election as the proof. I said if you were so much sure about this issue, you had to let our candidates take part in the election and people would not vote to them. The discussion became hot when Mr. Hosseini who is originally Iraqi started supporting Mr. Khatami and Hashemi by attacking to us, it was not clear who we were exactly, and he made strange accusations. Of course, he later named Participation Front party and Ganji. He said that Khatami has said: If I had allowed them to control the situation, they would have asked me to put my hand in the hands of Zionists and that we forced him to shake hands with Clinton and most importantly that we provoked people against leader of revolution. This was strange for the presenter of the program as well. I was feeling more comfortable talking Arabic and said Mr. Khatami does not have a spokesman and if he had, for sure it was not Mohammad Sadegh Hosseini. Meanwhile Mr. Khatami did not shake hands with Clinton but Ahmadi Nejad took a group photo with Bush. About the vivid lie of provoking people against leader, he said that this country has the ministry of intelligence and it is very sensitive on such issues and the relationship with foreigners. Then he said that you destroyed the ministry of intelligence in the issue of declaring chain murders. I said that: and you think Mr. Khatami had no role in that issue neither? He was very nervous. The main discussion of Mohammad Sadegh Hosseini was that they care about Iran rather Islam. I said this is a topic which can be discussed. We do believe in supporting the oppressed but we do not think that the only duty of the president is to care about the rest of the world. The priority of the president should be solving the issues of its own people. Ghassan ben Jedoo is my old friend who well controlled the roundtable. Although it was two persons before one and it was very challenging, I was satisfied. I wish in the TV of Iran such roundtables could be also held.



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