The Majority of the Next Parliament Was Selected


Today the members of the reformists headquarter had gone to the office of Mr. Khatami. He had come back from his short trip to Davus. Mr. Haji, the former minister of education, arrived in the middle of the meeting. He was informed of his rejection today morning. Among friends, he is a very moderate and religious man. Many were told that they are rejected but he was told that you are rejected based on articles one and three which is related to religious adherence. Mr. Safdar Hosseini, the head of reformists headquarter in other cities, gave a comprehensive report in this regard. Rejection of some figures is unbelievable. Dr. Aref referred to some governors whom the leader had traveled to their provinces at their time and he had praised those governors a lot and now they are rejected. Some of reformists believe in non-participation because based on statistics excluding Tehran and minorities we can compete only in 84 provinces. If we take the second-rank candidates into account, in the best place 110 reformists have been confirmed i.e. only 70 reformist representatives out of 255 have been approved. Still some of them are in the same city. The majority of the next parliament is thus determined now. Of course in many cities the members to the parliament are determined before people vote; this case is also added. All are afraid that Guardian Council approves a great number of the ordinary people who have been rejected and reject the 10 or 15 reformists which may be selected and executive section did not reject them and then they present statistics claiming that many were approved. That is why many believe that there is no use in negotiations. I, of course, still believe that such literature is meaningless in the present government which wishes to handle the issues without any disturbance. We have to select from anonymous who are not in the opposite list and show that their plot to omit everyone except their group is defeated. Although many friends of us also believe that when there is no chance for competition, we should not participate or we should just get active in the cities we can compete. Negotiations of course continue.



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