Long Boots and Winter Clothing


Recently the Tehran police chief announced that the first round of cracking down improper winter clothing will start. Long boots have been recognized as evidence of such clothing. There are some important points to be raised here.

1. If the criterion for such attitude is religion or law, we should ask where in up  if we keep on deciding about evidences as per our own taste? Should not law decide instead of our tastes?

2. Such circulars usually address the youth. The negative effect of this extremism on the youth, who are more sensitive than other walks of lives and usually consider such measures as religious orders, is more. They would dislike the religion and this is for sure a greater sin. The sin of taking the youth away from the religion and making hatred of religion is a sin which leads to other sins as well. Who should be accountable for it and invite deviating from such evil?

3. Creation of fear and worry without any reason in the society is something that the government should fight with and not develop it. Confusion in the uncommon decisions made about clothing makes the society worried and afraid. The fear which would be accompanied by the fear of state and religion.

4. Families are the best guarantee for preserving the health of society.  This that a lot of young girls and boys refer to police stations would result only in removing the ugliness of the sin or crime and high statistics in this regard are not sources of proud for any government. It also damages family historical guarantees.

5. There should be a balance in combating faults and sins in the society. When there are greater sins in the society like lie, cruelty, opium and embezzlement from public property, how come that clothing has become so important? In this situation naturally such cracking down which is at the format level will not be influential.

6. There is a great deal of difference between fornication and not wearing proper veil. The worst thing to do is to ignore this difference. It would make it in favour of fornication.

7. The girls and boys, who have decided to have more modest clothing, especially ladies wearing Chador, are put under more pressure without any reason due to the social divisions made. Since other people cannot get in touch with officials, these young people will be hated by other group of people for no reason.

Only using the kind language which has been used by God and prophets can help inviting the youth, who are all born after revolution, to religion. I wish the officials specially the religious scholars would pay attention to such events in a long-term.



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