Destroying Sufi's House Of Worship Again And The People Of Iran


In the difficult political, economic and international situation the country is experiencing, there was a row with Sufis in Boroojerd and their house of worship was destroyed and Sufis trying to support their house of worship started combating as well. Meanwhile the house of worship was destroyed. Similar event had happened in Qom. After that event a new international title was used against Iran and that was making restrictions against Shiite sects and fighting their religious leaders. This is an international political pressure which is difficult and bitter for the country. Even if there was no pressure and no matter that they hold our favorable beliefs or not, destroying the house of worship of a group who are famous as being harmless and are people of this country is ugly and illegal. The house of worship of all religions should be under protection of the government and safe from attacks and they should be supported as citizens. It is not a big deal for any government to destroy the house of worship of a minority, but if the center of worship of a harmless group is destroyed, that indicates the shortcoming of the government which is afraid of a small group of Sufis and destroys their center or cannot stop the movements lead by some extremists. Those who have destroyed the house of worship of Sufis in Qom and Boroojerd have paid out of the historical capital of the country that have been throughout the history famous as having kind coexistence with other religions and sects. Those who take such actions or agree with them should say that now that the house has been destroyed what has been its benefit for the government or religion? Such actions neither finish Sufism nor Islam and government benefit from that. This would only lead to more unity between Sufis and gives an innocence image from them and makes Shiite and government infamous.



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