Regarding the Dangerous Resignation of Ali Larijani


The news that resignation of Mr. Ali Larijani, Secretary of the Security Council, is accepted is one of the most important events in the present situation of the country. Mr. Larijani who was a member of the council when Dr Rohany was the secretary and was a critic to the process of nuclear negotiations in the past and had made a historical comment at that moment saying that "we gave jewel but received chocolate", cannot continue his work now. The critic attitude he had towards the past made him a powerful Secretary of the Supreme Security Council after ninth government got the power. He got the position, started his initiatives, remained in this position and continued his realistic negotiations despite disagreements which existed between him and Mr. Ahmadinejad, some of which became public. The media inside and outside the country published some contradictory opinions of these two figures. At present it seems that Mr. Larijani has felt he has neither gained any jewel nor has received a chocolate. By the present policy which is adopted now, not only we will not get any chocolate, but ordinary people would experience a more difficult life. On other side, when Mr. Ahmadinejad announces that the case of nuclear issue is closed (while it is not the case in the world), the measures taken by the negotiator is naturally useless. Larijani had to prepare himself for the negotiation while the president had said that the case is over and of course it is meaningless to talk about a case which is finished. This change which naturally means non-responsibility to international demands is an important and dangerous piece of news for Iran. When Mr. Larijani who was holding an extremist political view of "jewel or chocolate" feels he should resign, the world will get a bitter and dangerous meaning and we are talking about the world that we all know is looking for excuses and wishes to have another victim in this region called Iran.



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