Memories of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani and Taking Revenge from Imam Khomeini


This new story which has started after publishing the memories of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani can endanger the future of writing history in Iran. Despite all disagreements which exist, whoever is familiar with the history of Imam and revolution admits that before revolution and specially after revolution Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani has been the political and intellectual link between Imam and revolutionists. The most basic quotations of Imam have been quoted first by imam’s son and then by Mr. Hashemi since he has spent a lot of time among the high ranking officials of the country and Imam. Besides, all these stories is because he is expressing the comment of Imam against the slogan of “Down with America”. He had reiterated this memory i.e. Imam’s being against the slogan of Down with America and Soviet Union in his last book as well. It had been also presented in the meeting of high ranking officials and the negotiations they did with Imam and that imam accepted the point. The fact that such sensitivities are shown toward the memories of the person who has been always the second top figure of the country is in line with governmental opposition against him. The main concern is that if we put the memories of great figures like Mr. Khamenei, Hashemi, Moosavi and Imam’s son who have been in direct contact with Imam under question, then the memories of Imam would be either vanished or distorted. This anger is to take revenge from Imam whose explicit comments can put the identity of many seriously under question. Criticizing the governmental approaches or family attitudes of Mr. Hashemi cannot erase the role he had between people and imam Khomeini.



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