National Unity, Leadership and Performance of Officials


The leader of Islamic Republic of Iran called this year, in domestic domain, as the year of National Unity. When the leader of country issues an order, the executive organizations of the country are not expected to only repeat the same slogan. If the officials at different levels are really going to practice the desire of the leader, they should establish committees in the leader's bureau or other places and investigate the practical fields for implementing the said order. National unity cannot be gained by  instructions of organizations and writing slogans on walls and repeating it on TV. The main roots of internal disagreements should be recognized. National unity does not mean unity and coordination between managers, it is the issue of nation. If such committee was formed, attempts for preserving human dignity regardless of religions and beliefs, at least for those who are not going to confront illegally with government, would become the main issue of the country. Besides, in this year of "National Unity", a lot of insults and accusations were made against parties, figures, previous officials and national characters. Those who claim to obey the leader from the highest level to lower levels made more insults, accusations and told more lies as compared to other years.

The last case was the complaint made by some strangers in the religious school of Qom in the name of religion and clergymen against Mr Khatami along with tens of lies and accusations. Harsh social contacts are considered as national insult in many cases. The fact is that those around the leader have not taken any action to  make national unity practical, implementable and influential. 5 years passed from the year which was called the year of national unity, but no official thought of the effect of his action on national unity when he was making decision. This kind of behavior is the most serious way of weakening leadership which is unfortunately hidden and no one fights against it.



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