Knight and Seifollah (God's Sword)


It is said that the childish characteristics start developing in human beings when they get old. The decision made by the England Queen in offering Knight title to Salman Roshdi and not many other writers and scientists was the most childish decision she could ever make. It was one of the most important and childish decision ever made in the United Kingdom as well since handing over a prize to Salman Roshdi naturally was considered as an insult to Islam and a confrontation with muslims and as it was witnessed in many parts of the world struggles occurred and it provoked people against England and the Queen. One of the inadmissible events which is always against the benefits of all countries is political obstinacy and provoking feelings of others against oneself. Reports indicate that many politicians around the world and inside England disagreed with the unreasonable insult of the Queen to muslims and deepening of spite and unfriendliness between muslims and the west. They also predicted that such riots would be erupted in many countries and the Queen's team was politically under attack, when some religious extremists in the Islam world adopted a childish behavior and to counteract England's incondite action, in return they gave the title Seifollah (God's sword) to Ben Ladan. This assisted the Queen and helped her justify her behavior in the public opinion of the world. Salman Roshdi provoked such feelings in many parts of the world because he was a symbol against Islam and insult to the prophet. When we put him against Ben Ladan who is a symbol of terrorism, we are giving the Queen a great gift so that partially she would not be ashamed of her behavior. Maybe they get the required remuneration. The fact is that extremists have always helped each other.



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