Our Story with Egypt


The issue of relationship between Iran and Egypt has developed several times but every time it has stopped for different reasons. One of the main reasons Egypt disagrees with such idea is the issue of Khalid Islambouli. I have personally followed the case and in my opinion this is an excuse and not the main reason. In the government of Egypt headed by Mobarak, the security guys rule the country. Since everything especially foreign policy is watched by security look and security people do not agree with reunion of Egypt and Iran, this has not occurred yet. Omar Musa tried a lot to start the relationship between the two countries when he was foreign minister and Iran was complying as well. But finally Amro Musa said to Iranian officials that diplomacy does not work in this regard and security people are controlling the case. Although I believe that if Iran and Egypt, as two great Islamic countries enjoying rich history and civilization, had relationship with each other many of the great crises of the Islam world would not happen, but taking the record of this story into account and knowing the security approach of Egyptians and American’s insist on non-existence of such relationship, I believe the way Mr Ahmadinejad introduced the case was not expert-like and in accordance with honors of Iranians. The president of Egypt is highly criticized by intellectuals and even pan Arabs of Naseri inside Egypt due to his security approach. The main criticism is that the real status of Egypt which was the core of Arab world has been threatened. There was a time that all the problems of the Arab and Islam world were solved in that country and by its participation. The Arab Union was in Egypt and was considered as the power for that country. But now Egypt is marginalized in all Arabic international issues and Saudi Arabia which is not at the level of Egypt with regard to the number of population, space and resources has become the axis of the Arab world and Islam. This is very difficult for the Egyptian intellectuals and politicians. With regard to culture, Egypt was also the center of religious thoughts, opinions and ideas. Still the most serious writers, artists and Islamic groups are in Egypt. They also suffer from this political isolation. At the time of Mr Khatami, several times we were about to establish political and diplomatic relationship with Egypt, but again the same approach stopped Egyptians. The relationship between Iran and Egypt is good for the Islam and Arab world. At that time two times I received messages from Palestinian groups stating that they are ready to announce that the relationship between Iran and Egypt is in favor of Palestine so that Iranians forget Camp David and have no problem supporting Palestine. Hezbollah and main Palestinian groups could understand that the cooperation between Iran and Egypt could be in their favour. The opponents of Palestinian movements at international level could understand this and that is why they continuously put Egypt under pressure not to establish political relationship with Iran. I think the consultants to the president had not provided him with this record that he hastily announced that we are ready to start our political relationship even today. In politics the custom is that the president should announce a development when diplomats have already paved the way for that so that president’s statement can be put into practice. It is insult to the nation who has chosen a president when he announces his readiness but the foreign ministry of the other country presents conditions.



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