High Local Pressures on People


I have not been able to find an answer, based on my political experience, for the question that why at present so much pressure, which directly involves people, has increased. I remember when we were going to make an important decision in the government, we mostly thought about its effect on the society and we were careful that if a decision, even if it was necessary, could make confrontation between the government and the people, it should be avoided or should be done gradually. This is the rule observed by all governments to maintain the system ruling the country. But we see that on the threshold of Teacher’s day and Labor Day, both the teachers and workers have problems with the government and they have not been able to resolve their issues with the government. The widespread attack in the name of fighting improper veil has caused anxiety and worry for the families. There is unrest at universities. Different issues and different decisions on petrol and selling that by smart cards and the rumors about selling by coupons or increase of its price has involved a great number of people. All these mentioned that are happening simultaneously as well as the worries due to nuclear issue and sanction has created an unprecedented pressure which can make the society vulnerable more than before. Either the government ignores the public opinion or it believes that the society should be involved with these issues or more optimistically since each of these decisions are made in different fields, no one has paid attention to the total pressure which is transferred to the society. Anyhow, the high ranking authorities should feel the danger.

One should tell me who listens to you that you are showing solutions! Happy Teacher’s Day and Labor Day.



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