Disrespect to the Society


These days ladies are inspected in many streets of Tehran. The ladies who are not wearing proper veil (hejab) are arrested. Almost every year at the beginning of the summer this movement starts. This year it has been started with greater advertisement and operations. Many ladies, and not just the ones with improper veil, are worried at university, streets or wok. Many believe that as per the famous proverb “first cut, then counted” all are first treated the same. Many are afraid of being insulted. The concern expressed by the head of the Judiciary also indicates he has received the news of this public concern. Creating this insecurity in the families and disrespect to the society, whose respect is obligatory and spreading hypocrisy are sins worse than improper veil. It is the religious duty of the government to care for respect to people more than anything before every plan. The ladies who are traced in the streets these days are mostly born after revolution and they have all been grown up in this period. We have spent a lot of money and facilities for the religious centers, what have they done to make relationship with this generation and convince them observe Islamic rules? Spending so much money out of public treasury and not being able to reach this goal is not a great sin which should be investigated? Fighting this by police and force is the easiest and at the same time most problematic way. What Mr. Ahmadinejad said at the time of election that the problem of our society is not the way the youth wear clothes is indeed correct. The people had believed it. Unfortunately the pre-election and election period is short, the election finishes and so do the slogans. Respecting people, our religion says, is respecting their blood and human being. There is no doubt that opium, social insecurity, too much lies, abusing public treasury, hypocrisy, bribery and cheating are also great sins which should be combated, if there is any time.



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