A Trip with No Benefit


Mr Ahmadinejad’s trip to three anti-American courtiers was among the most cost-bearing and useless events in the foreign policy of the ninth government at present. These countries are neither political allies, nor ideological ones and they do not share the same benefits with Iran. While America is preparing public opinion for attacking Iran, how can we justify preparing the ground for such excuses? Basically how can the trip to Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua help us? It is no honor for the president of a great and historical country like Iran to be addressed by the socialist president of Venezuela saying that the ones similar to us are increasing. From the ideological point of view that Mr Ahmadi Nejad is inviting the world towards it, how can it be justified that all Arab and Muslim countries are passing the worst days in their relations with Iran in the last decades, while he is paying the expense from the great nation of Iran and its glorious history to revive the communism-socialism axis of Latin America. I wish the government that was proud of presidents’ taking bread and cheese, could now say that what heavy expenses, politically and economically, these trips bear.



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