End of Conversion Period


Recently I have heard that in Tehran some invite others to Christianity by giving them brochures or advertising books. There is at least one satellite channel in Persian and tens of channels in Arabic advertising Christianity. As an activist in the field of interreligious dialogue who has been active in the field since 1989 and is now the head of Interreligious dialogue Institute, I believe this is the most reactionary way that is followed by religious biased people. Great thinkers call this period post- conversion period. During the conversion period all religions considered changing other’s religions as their duty. The present world is the world of dialogue among religions and their cooperation. Naturally it is easier for Muslims who accept Jewism and Christianity existed before Islam have dialogue but Christians who should not basically accept the religion after theirs formally accepted in 1965 in the greatest formal gathering of the world’s Christian leaders in Vatican called “Vatican Council II” that period of conversion has finished and accepted to have dialogue and cooperate with Muslims. The greatest interreligious dialogue institutes were established in most of the countries and this cooperation was just to improve spirituality and to worship God and not changing of religions. The invitations to change religions are reviving The Crusades. The belief in religion should be transferred to religious thinkers rather religious biased people.



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