The Meeting of Clergymen Assembly and Election


Last night I took part in the meeting of the Clergymen Assembly. The discussion was on Assembly of Experts. Today or tomorrow, the Guardian Council will give its comments about the candidates, but Ayatollah Meshkini sent the Qom Theological Lecturers Association's list for the religious scholars of cities through a letter about two weeks before the Guardian Council presents its comments and it was advertised in the newspapers. Ayatollah Tavasoli said that in reply to this letter he has written an important letter to Ayatollah Meshkini. In his letter, he mentioned the meeting he had with Qom Theological Lecturers Association. He was assigned by Imam to go to that meeting and present Imam’s comments regarding the election and non-interference of Qom Theological Lecturers Association in the election of provinces. As Mr Tavasoli said this is a historical letter that he does not have the intension of publishing it now.

Mr Moosavi Lari gave a promising report about the performance of the Reformist’ Election Headquarter and he believed it is possible to give a single list for the councils' election.  The report on cities other than Tehran like previous years shows that many have been rejected. Of course in all cities there are still people who can be included in the list of reformists but initial investigations show that the ones who had the chance to be selected in the provinces have been carefully and consciously rejected.

How similar election stories have become in all the times. It was three years ago that we were saying similar things about the parliamentary election.



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