Imam’s letter being published by Hashemi


It was a brave step taken by Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani to publish the letter of Imam regarding stopping the war. Some particular politicians who were active at the time of war were aware of the content of the letter, but now it has been officially published. Everywhere in the world the confidential letters will be published after certain years. In the letter that Imam announced he drank a cup of poison, he added that there are some issues regarding the war that we have to pay attention to. Publishing of this letter shows that Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani as the main director of the imposed war has decided to provide people with such opportunity. As we can understand from the content of this letter, Imam believed that sometimes giving up before facts is a braver action than resistance and attack and it is more in favour of people, country, religion and values. This bravery of Imam is not less than his bravery against the previous regime. We can read history better if it’s clear and well-documented and therefore false ideas and rumors in particular spiteful ones will find no way. The former commander of Sepah is better to be honored of reporting the facts to Imam than the way he has adapted now. In the world of politics publishing of such letter is considered as a warning too; a warning from Hashemi to all those who ignore him. All those involved in politics, know that Hashemi has similar letters and memories.



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