Painful Closure of Shargh Newspaper


A short piece of news; Shargh was closed down. Reasons, as usual; 70 complaints by formal and non-formal officials that come during the decision making days of the juridical affairs and turn into the operational support. Another point; some time ago they were about to close down Shargh for a caricature thought to have insulted the honors of the Azeri and Turks once more. Maybe there are some meaning to position the Turks against people of culture. If so, this is the most insulting for the Turks with Iranian culture. Then another caricature provoked the closure of the paper said to have insulted the internal affairs and the presidential issues.

Figuring out the language of caricature needs a special understanding and the final victims of it have always been the caricaturists. From Nik Ahang to Neyestani and God help the last one. According to Shargh officials the technical reason of removing the manager in chief was solvable. But apart from these issues, the sense of politicians tells them implicitly that the papers should be effective in the society to a certain extent and not beyond it. And in some fields no information should be passed on at all. Shargh was both effective and the only serious and foremost medium of a party not supposed to be heard.

The year of election and the Atomic landmark days, the anniversary night of Shargh and the presence of all those intellectuals not supposed to think, supporting Khatami and covering all the protests against the insulters, like a bad friend and good charcoal couldn't have been more effective. We hope that Shargh starts work again but if not they have already done a great job by making their voice audible in the hard days that many voices were not to be heard at all. The Iranian nation and the history will always appreciate the guys in Shargh. What a pity, it was a real newspaper.



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