Second of Khordad and different surprises(2nd part)


I started the discussion about the surprises of the 2nd of Khordad yesterday and I mentioned one example. Now the second and third surprises:

2) The political left and right groups were taken by surprise on the 2nd of Khordad; due to this, the right parties which were later called Conservatives started taking revenge and despite all disagreements, they unified and used all executive facilities in particular medias and stood against such selection. The left parties which were later called Reformists were influenced by the power and some of them did not recognize the reality of the country and increased the level of expectations to the extent that in a country like Iran with this power structure no one could have fulfilled such expectations and therefore any action taken was considered as a trivial matter by people. Another point which surprised reformists and did not let them find a clear way for managing reformism was lack of a clear-cut border between the reformists who wanted to do reform within the framework of the present structure and the oppositions who wished to overthrow the government.

3) It might be strange but the religion was also surprised and damaged badly. Religion became a means of power by which the elected competitor had to be hurt and much effort was made to put religious front against people. The religious recognized political use of religion but at least it made them worried. The majority of the people who had chosen Khatami were not anti-religion but when they noticed that many crimes are happening in the name of religion, crises started. Most of sources of emulation and the muslim people of this country who could not understand why there was so much attempt to put 2nd of Khordad against religion were surprised and worried about this instrumental use of religion and sacred ideas. The voice of political competition swords could be heard from the religion's front.



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