Difficult Nuclear Days

These days all eyes are on the nuclear issue of Iran. Iranian people to tolerate the consequences of the international decisions are entitled more than any one following the issue simply as a news story to worry. The present Iranian officials that defined the previous method of dialoging with the West as offering a precious gem for a candy have had hard days and even harder ones to come if they believe in keeping people in peace while keeping away them from sanctions, attacks and humiliation. It is not the duty of any politician or governmental official to chant baseless slogans. A successful politician is one who realizes the realities and facts ahead of the others therefore before being imposed by the outside decisions or sacrificing the people of its country can make the proper decision to safeguard his nation from dangers. Many decisions are not called withdrawal but are defined as the exigency of politics and statesmanship in today's world. The only option left is to pray for our country and country mates to stay away safely from the dangers and for the politicians in this crucial and difficult circumstances to manage to use these landmark moments carefully and in favor of Iranians and more important for any politician or official to be responsive towards his decisions. In addition, the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is beneficial to the extent that it empowers Iran to use the energy best but if for any reason, be it the arrogant nature of the world; the insistence on having this energy with the expense of jeopardizing all the bases of the country is not wise. Definitely these words will be accused of fear and giving in but accepting these blames and charges are sweeter than indifference towards the destiny of the country.



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