National Interest, No Boycott


After two days of snow and rain, Tehran today had a moderate sun. I went out of home today for shopping. The streets were crowded. Before my family joined me in the car and while I was waiting for the car to get ready, I turned on the radio and I heard a slogan in Friday Prayer praising Khatami. I did not get surprised this time that how come policy makers have allowed the said slogan to be chanted in Friday prayers, since I knew that they are sending their praises to another Khatami who says the Friday Prayers. My wife joined me. While on the way, I heard that the person who was saying the Friday Prayers is harshly criticizing Europe and America and that since European and American are eavesdropped and their rights are trodden, he is sad for them and then it was the turn for nuclear issue and he said to the world that we are not afraid of boycotts.

Since last night when I was reading the news on the nuclear negotiations in the media and I noticed that the dialogue which existed is turning into a semi diplomatic confrontation, like many others I became worried. The art of foreign policy is to attract the cooperation of the world for national interest not making confrontation with them. I hope the result would not be against the benefit of the people of Iran and the oil revenue. I wish it was possible to say to him that it is not the duty of the officials to say that people are not afraid of boycotts, but they should ask politicians to act in a way that while preserving the glory of the people, they avoid any boycott. It is one year that we are selling our oil for more than 50 dollars. Instead of witnessing its effect on our daily life, we should not be waiting for economic boycotts. If this happens it is the people, specially the poor, who would suffer. It is easy to chant slogan, but it is difficult to find logical solution preserving the interest and glory of the people. No country welcomes boycotts.



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