The Council of Experts


The members of the council of Experts are legally in charge of assigning and supervising the performance of the leader. At present the members of the council of experts are selected or to be selected from among the Mujtahids only. The Guardians Council held an Ijtihad exam for those not certain to be complete Mujtahids. Their liabilities in religious jurisprudence and principles were confirmed only when they passed the test. This is seriously problematic. Since while logically this teams' main responsibility is to assign the leader and a leader, according to the Constitution, has various liabilities and ? because of absoluteness of Velayat e Faqih - can effect all the other issues of the country in addition to the duties emphasized by the Constitution; therefore the team to select the leader should have various liabilities proportionate to the description of the leader's responsibilities.

The composition of just Mujtahids in the council is very appropriate for assigning the Marja' e Taghlid(source of  religious imitation) but not suitable for assigning the leader, with Ijtihad to be only one of his conditions. The members of The Experts Council should be a group holding all the liabilities of the leader and therefore must be formed by different professionals.

Next year is the election for The Council of Experts. I wish it was possible to have various professionals in accordance with the authorities and powers of the leader taking part in .Though it seems a far-fetched ide




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