Censorship Officer


The story of censorship and having security look to culture is a repeated story in this country. Mr Jafari, the head of Amir Kabir publishing house, writes in his memory:

Mr Shakoor Lotfi with the supervision of Nader Ibrahimi had written a book called ?We wake the rose bush? for children. A lot of time and money was spent on this book: paintings, typesetting and etc were all done as tasteful as possible, but it made problems after getting published. In 1972 a group were taken to court with the charge of attempt to kidnap the crown prince. The heads of the group were Khosro Golesorkhi and Keramat Daneshian. Some scenes of their trial were shown on TV before revolution.

I had made the contract of the book before Golesorkhi was arrested, but it did not get ready until they were arrested. I published the book and sent it to the pertinent office to approve. Once I was in office when I was told that the intelligence office has confiscated the book. I went to the book section o the office. A colonel whom I have forgotten his name was in charge. I asked about the reason. I did not hear any convincing reply. Unconsciously I started talking louder and said this is a book for children. He said yes you are right but our colleagues believe that this is admiring Golesorkhi (It should be noted that in Persian Golesorkhi means rose bush). I was shocked. I asked: how come? He said that due to its name. The name shows. Rose bush, it cannot be irrelevant. What I could I say? In a country where a colonel is running the cultural section, how can you answer such reasoning? The book was confiscated.



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