The day of fall down of the Democracy!!

Today is one of the difficult days of our generation, the generation of revolution. Don’t think that’s because Guardian Council (GC) disqualified a large number of current parliament members and some other candidates. No it is not the reason of what I am talking about. It was such a bitter event, but more bitter is that I felt the democracy foundation and people’s vote which was our mail goal in Islamic Revolution is being smashed.


We did translate the democracy to religious democracy, thought that with this suffix, this democracy will be more ethical than any other irreligious democracies. Unfortunately in the statement which was made last night, the supervising commission of GC, instead of saying honestly that they want to take out the authority from the reformists wing, whatever it takes and as much as it costs, they just shortly talked about unethical relationships, economies, smugglings and …. . Is it by ethic what they do?


A few days ago I was thinking about this big fight with the GC to prevent the disqualification of the reformist’s wing, and imagining that if all get their qualification confirmed, how ready are this majority of disappointed people to contribute in the election?! Now with this huge disqualification, probably we will have such a great contribution of people.


I was at the parliament in the morning. Holding seat in process was announced. More than 80 of current members of the parliament are disqualified. If they didn’t have the qualification, thus all these current and future laws will become illegal and illegitimate!!!! What a great plan was it when we were supposed to have the authority for people’s sake. The GC had not had disqualified the clergies even those who were related to reformist wing. I can say that I was so embarrassed for such kind of view. At the last time, I became happy. They told me that two reformist clergies were also disqualified! I breathed comfortably then, a kind of those deep breathes!! A few of reformists friends were coming toward me, dragging their finger on forehead expressing that they are sorry that the GC has confirmed their qualification!

The discussion in the government commission was also the same issue of disqualifications. Some were saying that the main basis of the revolution, which is the people’s vote, is being smashed. Why should we continue doing this? The minister of economy was assessing the bad effects of such manners on the semi-alive economy of the country. Kharazi, the minister of foreign affairs was mentioning that we have removed away many problems and global attacks by the sake of this democratic governing. If this character be destroyed by such behaviors and manners, attacking and conflicting with an undemocratic government is much easier!


The GC has heard all these words. But how can they prove that the people have made mistake on 23rd of May (when President Khatami was elected)? And how should they take revenge from the people who created this parliament?


The football match is the most famous play and approximately all people know its rules. Two teams have two goals and compete. The referee is careful and pays attention to the players. If the referee send out all the players of one of the teams and give the ball to the other to play without the presence of rival, what a match would it be! Full of goals!!!   


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