Declaration of Human Rights


I do remember so well that when I was young, the issue of human rights declaration was on the top of religious parties. The declaration of human rights was just approved and our more open minded professors in Qom and Mashhad were all looking to prove that we have some cases in Islam which are much more improved than that declaration. In the same year, Mr. Zeinolabedin Ghorbani (the current Friday prayer imam) authored a book under the title of "Islam and the declaration of human rights" in which he compared each part of the declaration with the Islamic sources.

This was passed until the revolution led by Imam Khomeini relying on Islam, and that passed as well until now, 27 years after revolution which had given enough time and opportunity for achieving the aims. Meanwhile we have to consider the war and the other problems in our way. Now, at the anniversary of the declaration of human rights approval, the human rights movements and organizations are objecting Iran for its judiciary attitude. It's all natural even though we consider some of them political or with no reason, parts of them is what many of those interested in religion, Islam and Iran state as well.

In such conditions, the only way those who are real Islam devotees have in front, is to do as much as they can and try hard for the real achievement of human rights. They should protect the human rights not because of policies but because of religion.

Because we expected the religion we knew to be creditor from the whole world for the attainment of human rights and not versa!   



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