Mr. Abtahi arrested

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former vice president during Mr. Khatami's presidency and the advisor to Mr. Karroubi in the presidential election had been arrested today (Tuesday). Whenever he gets released, he will write here on his website.


It was a huge swindling


There was a lot of difference between yesterday and last night. Yesterday Iran was joyful because of changing the fate. Every body participated in. But last night was a shocking and bitter night. Like 4 years ago, Fars news agency and Keyhan announced news. It was unbelievable. Little by little news became as heavy as a mountain in front of every body that had seen it was not real. At the same time Mr. Mosavi announced his victory in election. But information was formal and it was announced around the world and nation was anxious. It was more important than cheating. Some ones call it a white coup. I was in contact with various committees. It was not possible to sleep. I went to visit Mr. Karobi two times, once at 2 a.m. I talked with many friends in Mr. Mosavi's committee. Everybody was shocked. Whenever I had opportunity I connected to the face book. Friends, who were checking the results second by second, were really upset. They desired I had hopeful comments but I didn’t. It was difficult situation. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's supporters captured the city despite demonstration was prohibited. I slept 2 or 3 hours. I went to Mr. Khatami's office in the morning. He had just come from a meeting and he was going to one another. I read the statement of Mr. Mosavi. It was really obvious. Then I went to the Mr. Karobi's office. He was writing his statement too. I interviewed with Persian BBC. I analyzed the obvious cheating. It was a huge swindling. Election was planned so wisely. From one hand it made a new record of voting as it broke the previous record of Mr. Khatami who had gained more votes in second term of his presidential election and Mr. Ahmadi Nejad should gain more than him. Also they would like to destroy Mr. Mosavi and his companions. Another important part of scenario was the story of Mr. Karobi's 300'000 ballots. Although Mr. Karobi had a fixed huge number of votes, they considered 300'000 votes for him avoiding others to say such democratic mottos. Meanwhile information of other towns was showing at least equal votes for Mr. Mosavi and Ahmadi Nejad. If we don’t forget it again we should learn that reform and non- governmental movements can not improve condition by voting cases. It is expected that candidates especially Mr. Mosavi who has announced himself as winner of election, can get result of their efforts. It seems they would like to request another election. I don’t know if it is possible or not. How ever society is full of amazement and shocking. Young generation, who wanted to define him/her in this system, now is bitterly despairing. Again youngsters will think about immigration and thousands other things… how ever world won't be finished by such events… we should try not to fall.


It is regretful if lie would be elected


I wish if some one could collect these days' short messages. After determining debates especially after those Mr. Ahmadi Nejad participated in them, all of short messages were related to obvious lying by some one who wants to be Iran's president for next 4 years.  His lies about statistics and persons are too many to mention in webnevesht. Approaching to the election controversies grow so that any voice is not possible to hear. But in this election voice of lie are so loud that every body heard it. Again the only voice which had been heard among controversies was the voice of debates, especially attractive and serene debate between Mr. Mosavi and Mr. Karobi which mentioned most of statistics and statements of president are deceit. When people believe some one is lying, his re-election will be end of ethical values. Although in practice most of the values had been destroyed but such event can be institutionalized in country. Formal lying causes ruling downfall in all over the world. If in our honorable country lying causes to win the election, what will be the judgment of future generations about us. People have decided to make a change but how oppress to Iran and Iranian nation who try to replace decision of people by ways they know it very well.


The Last week, critical, dangerous but promising


Yesterday I spent a long time in the streets and among various candidate supporter groups as a stranger. It is a pretty electoral environment. Mosavi's and Ahmadi Nejad's supporters were using their candidates' words to fight each other. Mosavi's fans were telling "I will tell" and Ahmadi Nejad's fans were telling Mosavi's stumbling in his words. Huge numbers of people were going toward Tajrish from Vanak square and were supporting Mr. Karobi. Although most of the crowds are joyful youngsters, it was noticeable that they are sensitive to the country's fate. God grace that their joys would turn to votes. They are requesting various expectations and I wish the winner candidate could be able to meet requests of generation who wants a transform. After debate of Ahmadi Nejad and mosavi, many organized movements in towns and also in Tehran have been started in favor of Ahmadi Nejad. It seems that the last week should be different in compare of previous days. Like last week of previous election, Most of the reformists are frustrated of this new event. I had many visits and phone calls from morning. If supporters of reform don’t be afraid of threats which can reach to its peak in this week, and if they insist on their national tendency, they will be able to destroy efforts of Ahmadi Nejad's powerful supporters to end election in one round at any cost or any price. However it is a difficult week. In recent two days Mr. Karobi's main friends and I had lots of calls, especially by political elites , every body had a suggestion for tonight debate between Mr. Karobi and Ahmadi Nejad especially in the new political situation. Tonight's debate can determine many things. Karobi is reformist and the bitter memory of first debate of president who lost every thing in it would be repeated. I have talked many times with Mr. Karobi from last night. God help him, I believe he can make a historical value for reform tonight.


Mosavi and Ahmadi Nejad's debate, night of ethic's death


Last night was one of the Iran's bitter historical political nights. It was night of morality's death. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad had closed his eyes on everything as usual. He was seeing only his adherents and wanted their votes and he didn’t have any religious or ethical limits for himself to achieve his goal. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad was trying to keep his adherents' solidarity even at cost of destroying the entire of 30 year achievements of ruling. Despite of unjust access to the country's facilities, he tried to show he was oppressed in election to announce he is alone and others are opposite of him. Mr. Mosavi could not reply this unethical environment as every body that has little bit of respect or morale can not reply to that. Ahmadi Nejad wanted to use wave of discrimination and poverty and inequality so he accused others who were not present there. also he could keep his fans solidarity. Last night I was in Imam Shrine and I saw the debate accompanying many of country's high ranks. When I was coming back at midnight I saw many of Ahmadi Nejad's fans in Tajrish square who were making cars stopped. They had taken photo of president in their hands and they shout "alarm 88" without regarding that all of the accusation has happened at the time of Imam Khomeini or Ayatollah Khamenei. Television also made an unpleasant experience in the memories. Speaker who had mentioned more than ten times in previous debate that not to talk about who is not present, in mosavi and Ahmadi Nejad's debate, was only a chronometer and whenever Ahmadi Nejad was accusing absent persons, he was nodding his head only. Every body expects s Karobi can do something in his debate. Many people from various levels talked with me from last night. I think Mr. Karobi is making ready himself. Today some of friends and I visited Mr. Karobi. Fortunately he watched debate in airport when he was coming back from Gilan. He was upset. He told in his meetings both fans of Ahmadi Nejad and fans of Mosavi interrupted his programs. Many times they hang green clothes on his neck also they requested him to reject in favor of mosavi. Even so many are demonstrating in front of his house and say slogans to make him reject his nomination. Meanwhile with position we saw from Mr. Ahmadi Nejad last night, rejection by Mr. Karobi or Mosavi can be the best assistance to him. However, last night was recorded as a bitter and unethical night in Iran. We wish election makes a change. In current situation we should be careful about competitor more than ever. In war between moral and immorality of course elite vote to moral but it is not obvious that common people interpret his unethical words as immorality. Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's behavior was similar to Palizdar. Will people face him similar to Palizdar?


Why is Karobi as a cleric better choice?


Perhaps a large number of voters prefer not to vote to Karobi because he is a cleric even without saying anything about it. I am a cleric too but my resume and views have shown that my opinions have not been related to my occupation. Perhaps you surprise but I think it is necessary to explain that in current situation being cleric can be a positive point for Mr. Karobi's election. Some of my reasons are: firstly, cleric presidents have had better experiences in country's management. The first cleric president was ayatollah Khamenei who had special situation because he had prime minister in his government. Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani and Khatami both were cleric presidents who were successful in country's management. None of them allowed to develop bigotry and returning to past thoughts in the name of religion. Its main reason was that they knew clerics characteristic really so they didn’t worry about opposition in front of religious bigotry. Also clerics didn’t let to themselves to defend from their bigotry opinions so that their efforts didn’t carry to the society. Also cleric presidents were supporting developed religious opinions and they were careful not to damage to the social life in the name of religion. But in the term of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad, who was not a cleric and he had title of engineer, we saw more than the other terms bigotry in the name of religion in society. Also religious theorists who support regressive beliefs found way also president tried to use the religious titles and mottos even superstitions more than the others. He exaggerated in showing religion as much as lots of traditional clerics reacted to him. In current situation while pretending to be religious has opened its way in executive body of country, now Mr. Karobi as a cleric can be more effective than the others in the country which is full of religious bigotry, with correct interaction with powerful flow of clerics in country in addition to keep their respect to use modern religious movements that Imam Khomeini established for the first time to prevent bigotry in country. Another point is that a president should solve people's living problems. We would like or not in our constitution some of the powerful parts of country are in the control of clerics. The first powerful character is leader of revolution is a cleric. Chairman of Judiciary system is a cleric who should elect among clerics. The powerful guardian council constitutes from clerics according to our constitutional law. Upper parliament is made by many clerics. Also we know many non- cleric characters in parliament and other power poles who have been more traditional thoughts in compare to traditional clerics. These are facts of our country. I repeat again that it is possible we don’t like it but we can not close eye on the realities. In this situation Mr Karobi who is a cleric and have a long origin in cleric field can help to solve the problems of country by this fact and preventing from development bigotry. Solving problems of religious and racial minorities facing traditional clerics' thoughts is an act which is not possible by any non cleric person. If this characteristic adds to Karobi's famous bravery, situation changes better to solve problems. His brave manners history in front of powerful clerics and his bold statements regarding their opinions which caused they changed their minds, is the best reason to elect a brave cleric in this situation with his effective companions . this is one of the most important reason to elect Karobi for this year president. He can solve problem of people who have so many problems and this is whatever is expected from president.


Vote to belief or vote to someone who has more votes


These days I have heard so many people say that they would like to vote Karobi but they will vote to Mosavi because his votes are more. I am not opposite of voting Mr. Mosavi.  Anybody who prefers his opinions among reformists should select his/ her candidate based upon view. But according to some reasons that I don’t like to mention here, there is not obvious that whose vote will be more than the other. As nearly everybody believes that election will go to the second round. Generally boycott of election would be in favor of Ahmadi Nejad and would damage reformists. But voting to someone who would probably have fewer votes but is more defendable in his opinions, again helps reformist's success and getting to the second round of election. In addition you can defend of your selection as an objective human.  It is a political chicanery when someone says to prefer Karobi's opinion but will vote to Mosavi because he has more votes, or vice versa.  You should vote to any one of reformists you prefer his views, however you help to stretch election to the second round and it can support reform movement. A large number of people don’t know this fact and ask and I explain for them but many others know it and they would like to misuse it for their favorite candidate's victory. We should be realistic and we should vote to someone that we can defend his positions in future. There is no difference in helping to the reformists any of candidates will you vote. At last addition votes of both candidates can bring Ahmadi Nejad to the second round. Someone, who votes only because a candidate has more votes, just gives one vote but someone who votes to candidate, whom accepts,   helps development of an opinion and gives his vote too. Naturally all of us in second round will give our vote to the reformist candidate who has reached to second round.

Women demands in the election


Yesterday evening Mr. Karobi and I went to a studio to watch a movie made by Ms. Rakhshan Bani Etemad about women demands. She intends to show the movie to the presidential candidates to know their opinions. It was a pretty film. Various active women in the society told their points of view. In this movie female political activists gathered and offered their opinions from various groups including fundamentalist, reformist, secular, and traditional. It was a great step for women society as this maturity is not still seen among men groups. They offered list of women demands. Mr. Rezaii had gone accompanying his wife and it was supposed that Mr. Mosavi would come with his wife after Mr. Karobi. Ms Kadivar, Mr. Karobi's councilor was not present and his wife was in travel so he asked me to company him. I accepted to emphasize women affairs are not related only to women. Men should follow women affairs to have better society in Iran. Main part of their requests dedicated to the economical problems of women, condition of alone women, economical independence of women, legal discussions, and incorporation to the women convention also presence of women in the high rank executive posts. At first I pointed that in coming election women's demands have been so large and important. I believe efforts they have done in recent years, and huge sufferings they have experienced also withstanding they have shown are its reason. Another reason for development of women movement can be the patriarchic views in government. Some of the other factors which has been resulted to the unpleasant current situation for women in society include sexual limits in university courses, insult to women in public by excuse of their guidance, lack of confidence to their capabilities in management fields and unreasonable religious stresses which are related to the ossified religious beliefs. In the round table I asked from Mr. Karobi to consider women demands which have been collected in this movie by Ms. Bani Etemad as a base of his plans in his four years presidency instead of starting to study women's problems to plan for it. Mr. Karobi made good commitments in the interview but I don’t point them because it's in copyright of Ms. Bani Etemad. Baran Kosari, famous artist, insisted on Mr. Karobi didn’t leave there till Mr. Mosavi's coming to take a photo by him but time didn’t let to do so. It could be a good movement but it was not possible. Mohammad Beheshti, companion of Mr. Mosavi had come earlier so we talked about co ordination of both committees.


Anybody boycotted previous election, now invites people to participate


Decreasing the wave of election boycott is one of the most important political events in this term. In previous election, vast boycott caused difficulties in recent 4 years so an incredible gift was presented to the president. Several days ago I saw a group of students who had collected nearly 500 signatures to boycott election in previous election. Now most of them try to invite people to the election. Even one of them had just come out of prison and explained painful stories about prison. They were really frustrated for Mr. Masoud Dehghan, Mahdi Mashayekhi and Abbas Hakim. Struggle to release them from prison is the most serious action that political and civil activists, especially presidential candidates should accomplish. Unfortunately during election controversies, pressures on body or soul of captivated students have been forgotten. Now they are really active in the subject of election. Most of the mentioned group was supporting from Mr. Karobi because human right slogans are more obvious in his words than the others. Most of the political activist women, who are in the 1 million signature campaign, have started to invite people to the election. Even foreign media are speaking about boycott less than previous terms. This is a good opportunity. Presence of two well known reformist candidates can attract various people with various opinions to prevent boycott of election so that not let to the Ahmadi Nejad's victory in the first round. On the other hand it is completely obvious the efforts to make a change in all over the country. Even we can see frustration and fear of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's adherents. Physical and media attacks to the reformist's advertisement meetings show the mentioned fear. Now nearly the entire of people can be hopeful to have another president for next 4 years.


Disaster of Zahedan explosion , Sunnis and Shiite problems in Iran


Last night the news of explosion in a mosque in Zahedan was painful news approaching to the critical election in our country, which caused a large number of people wounded and dead. There is no doubt because of special situation of sistan and baloochestan which is neighbor of Pakistan and there are Shiite and Sunnis both living in it , it is obvious that such events has been caused by increasing violence between Sunnis and Shiite even if any official report were not published. Unfortunately in recent years religious subjects has been used for political affairs and religious and tribal minorities consider as threats also Shiite power has become a new international event in Iraq and Lebanon and all of them have made an opportunity for regional powers especially some of Arabs countries who use social pressures and support terrorists groups in sistan and baloochestan to gain benefit from damaged religious faiths and make so many violent disasters in the region. Fortunately Sunnis' leaders have convicted such methods by their smart minds. Most of Shiite leaders also know that disputes between Shiite and Sunnis in Iran are really dangerous for people. Unfortunately in addition to the growth of Vahabi terrorists, in recent years an extremist anti- sunny movement has been grown inside of Shiite. Informal reports say that even after the revolution leader's lectures in Kurdistan and letting to play sunny azan from speakers of local radio, caused huge opposition in Ghom. Such Shiite supporters has made new and unknown relationship with Sunnis Vahabis who are unintended tool for global and regional politics which result to the criminal action which some of our compatriots were victims of it last night.  Agreement on the rights of minorities and opening new chapters for their association and prevention from bias and insulting to both holy beliefs especially in media and under support of governments, is the only way which can turned the armed people of Sunnis and Shiite to fight with religious terrorists . Leaders of country should make more important serious decision to find a new way to about new life with respect both of them to prevent people would be victims of such beliefs. We are sympathizing with families of dead in plane and we hope it would be the last religious criminal In Iran.



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