Mr. Abtahi arrested

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former vice president during Mr. Khatami's presidency and the advisor to Mr. Karroubi in the presidential election had been arrested today (Tuesday). Whenever he gets released, he will write here on his website.


<It was a huge swindling
<It is regretful if lie would be elected
<The Last week, critical, dangerous but promising
< Mosavi and Ahmadi Nejad's debate, night of ethic's death
<Why is Karobi as a cleric better choice?
<Vote to belief or vote to someone who has more votes
<Women demands in the election
<Anybody boycotted previous election, now invites people to participate
<Disaster of Zahedan explosion , Sunnis and Shiite problems in Iran
<Travel to Rasht and electoral lectures
<Electoral web sites
<They smell your hands to know whether you have clicked Facebook
<Election and using religion as usual
<By more presence in election we can take out the wrapped gift of Ahmadi Nejad's hands
<Fundamentalists are in the line of Ahmadi Nejad's supporters
<It is heard the sound of competitor's guffaw
<Roxana's release, human dignity and political disputes
<Accompanying Mr. Karobi to register in election
< Presence of various candidates, prevention from the plot of Ahmadi Nejad victory in first round
<Women movement and the necessity of boycott in the view of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad's fans

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